Goose Control Inc.  Serving New York/ Nassau & Suffolk Counties

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Goose Control Inc. was formed in early June 2002 in response to the growing demand for larger lethal control round-ups of resident nuisance Canada geese. Prior to our company's formation, we were active participants in nearly all of the lethal control round-ups in southern New York State beginning in 1996 & 1997 with the "Clarkstown" round-ups.

We have been successfully completing round-ups ever since.

Notable Lethal Control Round-Ups

  • June 2008 - New York City Harbor: Capture and elimination of 41 adult geese without a round-up
  • June 2007 - Various Long Island State Parks: 773 geese
  • June 2006 - Southern Manhasset Bay: 266 geese (largest single capture in Nassau County)
  • July 13, 2003 - The Lakes at Setauket: 87 geese (latest during molt season for a round-up, with still a 100% capture rate)
  • June 23, 2003 - Great Neck Public Schools (South): 151 geese (39 nests and 198 eggs in 2003 pre-round-up ... In 2004, therefore subsequent success with only 2 nests and 9 eggs)
  • June 26, 2002 - Belmont Lake State Park: 521 geese (largest single capture round-up in southern New York state)
A complete list of references is available upon request.


  • Employees of Goose Control Inc. are nationally certified goose management professionals by the National Goose Management Academy
  • Employees of Goose Control Inc. are licensed and certified Nuisance Wildlife Control Agents in both New York State and Connecticut
  • GCI is a current member of the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators of America
  • All Officers of GCI are members of the New York State Trappers Association
  • Employees are covered by Workers' Compensation, disability and liability insurance
  • All Officers of GCI have assisted with the NYSDEC to capture and band/tag Canada geese to study their migration routes or lack there of since 1994